Fast Checkout

What is Fast Checkout?

Fast Checkout enables one-click purchases without requiring a password to log in. You only need to sign in once on a given device, and Fast will remember your account and payment information, without compromising security.

When you see a Fast Checkout button on your favorite website and have already signed up for Fast, press the button and your order is confirmed. There’s no need to add items to a cart. We’ll process your payment and get your order ready to go!

Note: Choosing Fast Checkout does not mean your order will arrive faster than if it is placed using any other payment method.

What happens when I press “Fast Checkout?”

If you haven't used Fast before, you'll fill out a first-time checkout form. After filling out this form once, you'll have a true one-click checkout experience anytime you press Fast Checkout on the Team Shop website, or any of your other favorite sites that use Fast!

If you’ve used Fast before, press Fast Checkout and your order will be processed. You can update order details after clicking Fast Checkout, and you'll have 5 minutes to cancel or add to your order. After 5 minutes, Fast will go ahead and complete your order.

What is the 5-minute checkout window?

This is a confirmation page where customers can confirm their details on their Fast account, select shipping options, and add discount codes if needed. Fast will default to the cheapest shipping option available. Also, if you place another order on the website within the 5-minute checkout window, you will not be charged again for shipping!

You can cancel your order during this time or press "Done" to begin processing. If nothing is done and the 5 minutes expire, the order will begin processing. Customers will receive an email confirmation once the button is clicked, and a cancellation email if the order is cancelled within the 5 minute window.

Fast is unable to edit or cancel orders once placed. If you need to edit or cancel an existing order, please reach out to the Cavs Team Shop at to do so.

Who should I contact with questions?

For most purchase-related questions, please contact the Team Shop at

  • Edit / cancel order --> Fast cannot modify or cancel an order
  • Update / add a coupon to your order --> Fast cannot confirm validity of a coupon
  • Inquire about shipping status
  • Request a refund
  • Request a return
  • For all other questions, you can reach out to Fast by emailing or initiating a request in your buyer dashboard to contact Fast customer support.

Do you store my data?

Fast takes data privacy and security very seriously. Fast stores, uses and shares personal data only in accordance with our Privacy Policy, and you can learn more about how we protect your data on our Security and Trust page.