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Step onto the court with style and purpose in the exclusive Arsham Studio x Cleveland Cavaliers warm-up set. Designed by visionary artist Daniel Arsham, this collection seamlessly blends the iconic green of Arsham Studio with the timeless heritage marks of the Cavs. Prepare to make a statement and transcend the boundaries of time as you don the Reversible Mesh Jersey, a true embodiment of Arsham's artistic motifs.

Reversible Mesh Jersey: Crafted from two layers of breathable poly mesh fabric, this jersey allows you to express your unique style on the court. Choose between the sleek black mesh or the crisp white mesh, each offering a distinct aesthetic.

Symbolic Motifs: Arsham is renowned for his exploration of the concept of time, and the number 8 serves as a powerful symbol in this collection. Representing the shape of an hourglass, the number 8 embodies the eternal passage of time, seamlessly integrated into the design of the jersey.

Iconic Logos: Paying homage to the Cavaliers' rich history, the black side of the jersey features the beloved 80s Cavs logo in delicate blue. On the white side, you'll find the hometown wordmark, celebrating the team's connection to the city of Cleveland.

Arsham Studio Insignia: Emblazoned with the official Arsham Studio insignia, this jersey represents the artist's creative vision and collaboration with the Cleveland Cavaliers. It's a symbol of artistic excellence and a testament to the unique partnership between two creative forces.

Exceptional Quality: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this jersey features an open hem, ensuring a comfortable and unrestricted fit during practice sessions. The Mitchell & Ness jock tag adds a touch of authenticity, reflecting the commitment to superior craftsmanship.


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